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We, at Thinking to Success, would like to thank all the individuals and organisations who have generously given of their time, knowledge, guidance and support as The Portal evolved.

Thinking to Success Ltd was founded to make professional learning easier for teachers.

Initially, it aimed to deliver workshops on professional learning and leadership. However, as development progressed and with essential feedback from those within the profession, it became apparent that workshops just weren’t feasible. They meant cover, preparing and marking cover materials, ill-afforded costs and often limited impact on learning and teaching. Time for Plan B…

Plan B: an online platform

Having had negative experiences of using I.T. in schools – systems running at a snail’s pace, the hassle of booking I.T. rooms, not enough computers for every learner, outdated software, sites blocked, etc, deciding to engage a digital solution was a brave step!

The major influencers for this decision were:

  1. The increased use of the internet as a learning and teaching tool, the continually improving network provision and the use of mobile devices, tablets and laptops.
  2. Giving teachers a platform where they could develop and build confidence in their own digital literacy through professional learning, rather than being plunged into the deep end in front of classes.
  3. A streamlined, integrated system to save valuable time, available online 24/7 to compliment the busy schedules of teachers.

The Thinking to Success website, The Portal, was developed to sit on the Moodle open source learning platforms.  As this platform is designed specifically for teaching and learning, The Portal has wide ranging functionality to effectively support teachers, learners and administrators.

The Portal brings together classroom learning, professional learning, collegiate working and the recording of impact against key milestones into one interactive, easy to navigate platform.

The Portal’s key feature is that it enables teachers to dictate how they chose to use this I.T. platform, not the other way around.


Director Shona Cochrane has been working with skills based thinking and professional learning programmes for many years. She is an experienced educationalist and author. She has been a Guidance Teacher, Depute Rector in secondary schools and National Curriculum Adviser with Skills Development Scotland.

Having realised the limitations of  workshops and external professional learning she created the online programme for users to access at their convenience.

These experiences, coupled with the publication of the second edition of her book, ‘Learn to Learn’, have placed Shona at the cutting edge of applying these principles into a practical setting to support professional learning. She was awarded 'Professional Recognition' by GTCS for her work on learning skills. 

“Having professional learning and teaching needs met with key interactive information at their fingertips makes effective learning and teaching much more accessible, effective and sustainable for the practitioner and their organisation.”

Available from Bright Red Publishing

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The General Teaching Council for Scotland award of Professional Recognition for Supporting Pupil Learning has been awarded to Shona Cochrane, Director of Thinking to Success


Contact Us

Call us on: 01334 208312

                  01334 806505

Or email: info@portalpd.com